Day Tours

Wish you could control the weather? Only have a day or two to spare for a storm chase? Introducing Day Tours from Rapid Rotation! As opposed to our week-long storm season tours, our Day Tours can happen anytime there’s a severe weather outbreak. If severe weather is happening in your area, keep an eye on Facebook and Twitter to see if we’re chasing that system.

Want to be one of the first to be notified? Sign up below to get on our notification list. Sign up is free! You only pay when you book a seat.

Where and How to Meet Us

Depending on the week, our tours start from either Will Rogers World Airport (OKC) or Denver International Airport (DEN). Once we leave our base location, we go where the severe weather is. It is up to you to decide the distance you’re willing to travel (and leave your vehicle) to join our tour. We will contact anyone within the vicinity of the target area that asked to be notified first. If we have any spots left after interested parties respond, we will then send out notifications via Twitter and Facebook. Those available spots will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis. We will choose a temporary base hotel and let you know the approximate number of days (if more than one) until we return to that base hotel.

Please note: You may be on the road for more than one day, possibly up to seven. You will be responsible for payment of all days you are with us on the tour. You may choose alternate transportation back to your vehicle; bus, train, etc., the choice is yours. Once you leave our tour, Rapid Rotation Tours is no longer responsible for any transportation, cost, or liability of your travel.


in either our 15-passenger van or one of our chase vehicles. We will not know the size of our tour group until the beginning of the tour week and therefore cannot disclose which vehicle you will be riding in once the chase begins. If you require a particular vehicle due to health reasons, we will do our best to accommodate you!


We do not allow convoys on our tour. While they can be a fun way to chase in an open area, convoys can prevent emergency vehicles from reaching those in need of help and rescue. Also, we cannot insure follow vehicles that are not part of our tour fleet. Not allowing convoys on our tour keeps everyone a little safer!

Pricing and Policies

Day tours are $350 per day. This does not include cost of lodging if traveling more than one day with the tour. You must book any lodging under your name and pay the hotel upon arrival. However, for $400 per day, Rapid Rotation Tours will pay for lodging. Your cost includes gas and insurance coverage.

While predictions tend to be more accurate closer to the chase day, we cannot guarantee that you will see a storm. Even the most tenured storm chasers bust from time to time. Until we are able to actually control the weather, we regret to inform you that we cannot offer refunds for bust chase days or for any other reasons within or without our control.

All Day Tours are bound by the same policies as our full week tours. We will provide our policies in written or electronic form upon your sign-up.


Everyone who signs up for a full-week tour receives a free Rapid Rotation Tours t-shirt! T-shirts and other merchandise will be available for purchase during the tour. If you sign up for Day Tours you will not receive a free shirt, but may purchase one at any time, or on our online store at a future date.


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