Tour Dates

2013 Tour Schedule

Most tours will begin and end in Oklahoma City, at a hotel near Will Rogers World Airport (airport code OKC). The last two tours of the season will start and end near Denver International Airport (airport code DEN). Tour fees do not include your travel to and from the staging hotel, so please plan accordingly. Make sure you schedule your travel for the day before the tour begins and the day after it ends. We’re on a strict schedule and must leave on time! We will meet you at the hotel on the Sunday morning of your tour week for a brief orientation before leaving to begin our drive to the day’s target area. Our tours are eight nights and seven consecutive chase days, and include transportation between the airport and hotel. The cost of each tour is $2,250.

Tour/Base 2013 Tour Dates Seats Remaining Price
I OKC April 14 – 20 OPEN $321/day*
II OKC April 21 – 27 OPEN $321/day*
III OKC April 28 – May 4 OPEN $321/day*
IV OKC May 5 – 11 OPEN $321/day*
V OKC May 12 – 18 OPEN $321/day*
VI OKC May 19 – 25 OPEN $321/day*
VII OKC May 26 – June 1 OPEN $321/day*
VIII OKC June 2 – 8 OPEN $321/day*
IX DEN June 16 – 22 OPEN $321/day*
X DEN June 23 – 29 OPEN $321/day*

*Our tour reservations are only available in seven-day blocks. Tours run seven consecutive chase days, so the full cost of each tour is $2,250. You cannot sign up for a portion of a tour. However, you can save when you sign up for more than one!

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