Why Choose Rapid Rotation Storm Tours?

The choice is easy! We offer:

Experienced storm chasers who have scored big…

Tornado touchdown in Oklahoma, April 14, 2012
…but have also tasted defeat. ‘Ma Nature doesn’t always play nice! So, we know how to have a great time, no matter what the weather brings!


Fame! Fortune! At least, a place to share your footage

Share your photos and videos directly through our site during the tour! We are the only tour company that does this.


Technology to guide us into the heart of the storm

Screen shot of severe storm on GRLevel3 RadarWe are equipped with Baron Mobile ThreatNet, a satellite-based software that provides us with real-time radar and storm attribute data. Our chasers also use GRLevel3, an internet-based software that brings us vital radar and velocity data. Our drivers use a Garmin GPS 18 Automotive system. For those moments when technology may fail us, we also carry traditional road maps!


An actual vacation!

We don’t fill our vans to capacity, so everyone gets a window seat. We make sure the hotels we stay at aren’t just good for one night, we also make sure they’re in a good neighborhood. Hoping to see an attraction or two? On off days, we try to make stops like that a priority. Can’t survive without Facebook for a week? We’ll have mobile wifi connectivity, so you can share your pictures and video with your friends right from the van.
We also hear that if you ask nicely, Chris McBee will show you a few juggling tricks!


Read what others have to say

“I have chased with members of the Rapid Rotation and Central Oklahoma Storms chase team before. They know how to find and spot the storms, they can get you to the heart of the storm to see that amazing funnel and know how to keep everyone safe while doing it. Some of the friendliest people that I know as well. If I had to choose a chase team, it would be this one.”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that dream where I finally saw a tornado! You know the one I’m talking about. Chris McBee made that dream become reality the very first time I chased with him. And not only did I see one tornado, I saw 4 more that same day!!”


Why wait another year? Sign up for a storm chase tour today!

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