Q. Will we see tornadoes on the tour?

A. Hopefully yes, but we can’t guarantee it. However, we will be pursuing severe storms for the duration of the tour, and will make every effort to observe tornadic storms. We want to see tornadoes just as much as you do! Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, though.

Q. How long have you guys been storm chasing?

A. We’ve been chasing nearly ten years. Our team has lots of experience, with many tornado observations to our credit. We possess an intimate knowledge of severe thunderstorms and their behavior. We also possess intimate knowledge of the geography and road network of the Southern Plains. You can rest assured you’re in good hands with us.

Q. Can I take pictures and video while I’m on the tour?

A. Absolutely. We encourage you to bring your camera and video equipment. If you get some good shots, you can share them on our website as well! We’ll show you how.

Q. How many days can I sign up for?

A. Our tour reservations are only available in seven-day blocks. Tours run seven consecutive chase days, so the full cost of each tour is $2,250. You cannot sign up for a portion of a tour. However, you are welcome to sign up for more than one! There are several discounts available as well, see the “promotions” question further down this page.

Q. Will we be staying at nice hotels?

A. We usually target national chain hotels. The rooms are generally clean and adequate.

Q. Is storm chasing dangerous?

A. When done improperly, storm chasing can be risky. Besides the inherent risks brought on by severe weather, all the risks of highway travel are ever-present as well. We strive to observe severe weather from a safe distance. Others on the road aren’t always so safe, however. As with any tour company, we have waivers that must be signed before we can embark on the tour.

Q. Do you guys drive into tornadoes like the guys on TV?

A. Absolutely not. The crews that intercept and drive into tornadoes do so with specialized armored vehicles that can withstand strong winds and flying debris. We are not equipped to make such intercepts, but we’ll get you close enough to the tornado to see it and take pictures!

Q. Are the chase vans well-maintained?

A. Yes, very much so. We put the vans through rigorous daily inspections, and we are meticulous about upkeep (oil changes, etc.) We also keep a full-size spare tire onboard, just in case.

Q. How do I get from the airport to the hotel?

A. Our staging hotels in Oklahoma City and Denver are close to their respective airports, and offer free shuttle service to and from the hotel. That being said, it is your responsibility to get to and from the airport when arriving to and departing from the tour. If you will be driving to the base city, parking is available at Will Rogers World Airport for as little as $4/day and at Denver International Airport for as little as $7/day.

Q. Do I need to bring any nicer clothing?

A. Nope. We are out there in casual clothes each day. However, it might not hurt to have some long pants and good sturdy shoes, but not for fashion’s sake.

Q. Are alcohol, tobacco, and drugs tolerated on your tour?

A. Drugs are absolutely not allowed anywhere near the tour. If you are caught using or even carrying illegal narcotics, you will be removed from the tour without refund and turned in to law enforcement. To make the tour as pleasant as possible for everyone, consumption of alcohol will not be allowed for the duration of the tour. We don’t allow tobacco use of any kind in the vans. We will stop occasionally, and we don’t mind if you take a smoke break at that time. Absolutely NO smokeless tobacco use in the vans.

Q. Should I study up on weather before booking my tour?

A. You certainly can if you like, and we encourage everyone to learn as much as they can about weather, but no previous meteorological knowledge is required. Give our blog a read for some basic storm chasing information, and please feel free to ask questions!

Q. What expenses am I responsible for?

A. Rapid Rotation will cover the cost of hotels, fuel, vehicle maintenance, tolls, and our own storm chasing equipment, including internet connectivity. You are responsible for travel to and from the staging hotel, food throughout the tour, any extra charges at hotels such as room service and laundry, and any other personal expenses you may encounter. Rapid Rotation is not responsible for any injuries or illnesses, and therefore the cost of medical care is your own responsibility should it become necessary.

Q. Do you offer any promotions?

A. Our regular prices are based on each customer having their own hotel room each night. If you are traveling with your spouse or friend and would like to share hotel rooms, you will receive a discount of $100 each per tour ($200 total savings).

We also offer a multi-tour discount for any customer booking two or more consecutive tours. Customers who are traveling alone will receive a $200 discount off of the cost of your second tour and any additional consecutive tours. For customers who are sharing a room, the total savings is $300 off the cost of your second tour and any additional consecutive tours. This is in addition to the room sharing discount, so two people sharing a room for two consecutive tours will have a total savings of $1100!

You can also keep an eye on our sign up page for any special promotions!

Q. Do you guys relay storm reports?

A. Yes, whenever possible. We will report tornadoes and/or damage to the National Weather Service when cell phone service is available. We are also members of Spotter Network, and can relay storm reports through the Internet.

Q. Will we have radar in the vans?

A. Yes. We run both GRLevel3 (Internet-based) and Baron Mobile Threat Net (satellite-based) software, both of which give us GPS-integrated real-time radar and warnings. We also run extensive mapping software so we can be in the right place at the right time.

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