Storm Chase Tours Rank #7 on LonelyPlanet

In scouring the Internet for more extreme things to do in the off-season, I recently came across an article from In case you’re wondering what LonelyPlanet is and if only lonely people go there, let me shed some light on the subject.

LonelyPlanet is all about helping travelers get started. From planning to what to do while you’re there, they have book after book (and of course the website) to help everyone get the most out of their journeys.

When I got to the article Adventure playground USA: the top 10 adrenalin rushes, I honestly didn’t expect Tornado Alley to be on there. I mean, it’s one thing to live there or chase there, but who really considers taking a storm tour? Oh wait, anyone that’s reading this blog right now.

The first several adventures were clearly of the extreme nature: ice climbing, rock climbing, canyoneering…the list goes on. But before kayaking, before sandboarding, came Storm Chase in Tornado Alley. I was shocked! There it was: my hobby, my love, for anyone to take a shot at (with a camera). And LonelyPlanet had great things to say about it.

“In spring winds spin wildly at up to 500km/h and Tornado Alley can experience more than 400 twisters. … You probably are in Kansas now, Dorothy.”

I’m trying to see just who at LonelyPlanet took a tour, and how many tornadoes the came across. Our goal? To beat that tour’s record day. But what really made my whole day about this article is that even though Tornado Alley came in at #7, we still beat out Manta Rays in Hawaii. Boom.

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